How to heal from a Relationship Breakup

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How to heal from a Relationship Breakup, Here we cover how a Relationship Breakup may be an opportunity for personal healing and growth.

In this course we learn how to deal with emotional overwhelm, what the fear of the unknown is following a relationship breakup and how to see this as an opportunity, and Master 4 simple self applied energy healing techniques (including EFT tapping and light meditation) for dealing with emotional overwhelm, self soothing, healing minor trauma, and to significantly reduce stress and anxiety. These tools will be available to you 24/7 and will help you to heal and growth, tapping into your inner resources, open your heart and feel empowered to move forward with grace and confidence. You will:

  1. Reach acting from one’s center rather than from automatic emotional triggers
  2. Identify what is an emotional trigger and what is a normal reaction
  3. Have the necessary tools to return to emotional relief and stability on your own
  4. Recognise the healing that is taking place
  5. Develop Emotional stability with less and less triggers
  6. Demonstrate strong clarity and intuition
  7. Practice making yourself happy and stop depending on others to do that for you
  8. Practice enjoying your own company
  9. Display lightness and positivity
  10. Act on achieving any of your life’s desires

This is for:

  • Those finding themselves in toxic (abusive, narcissistic, codependent) relationships over and over again and wish to break free
  • People struggling to love themselves and believe they are worthy
  • People who don’t believe they can have the ideal relationship
  • Willing to do the work on their own by committing time each week

This is not for:

  • Those happy within their relationship
  • Those in a happy long term relationship and wish to rekindle the romance
  • Those uncommitted to doing the work
  • Those with severe depression and mental health challenge
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