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UltraReading Academy, Turbocharge your reading speed & never forget what you read.

This course will triple your learning rate. You will turbocharge your reading speed and memory. Very few things can influence the professional success one has as much as their ability to learn. Warren Buffett spends four or more hours reading every day. Bill Gates reads a book per week. Elon Musk spent most of his childhood reading. But unlike these individuals, you are most likely unlocking only a small portion of the potential benefits of reading and learning. Only by accelerating your learning rate can you truly reap the powerful benefits of books.

You’ll become a rapid reader, capable of reading dozens and dozens of books per year in record time. This is fundamental in helping you cover more ground in your reading, learning many additional fields while diving deeper in every single one of them.

You’ll also learn how your brain works so that you can hack it using mnemonics and effective memory techniques. You’ll effortlessly boost your memory so that you can remember dozens of things from every book you read, becoming a true learning machine and able to handle the tsunami of information that comes your way every day.

Given your busy schedule, the course also includes flexible techniques depending on how much time you can hope to put into learning. Busy? Learn techniques you can use right away. Have a spare 20 minutes one night? Learn drills & exercises to take your learning even further. Maximize your ability to learn no matter the time you have available.

What’s even better: UltraReading Academy can help you do all of this in one evening. You’ve probably failed to find courses that can help you accelerate your learning and fit in your busy schedule. Well, UltraReading Academy is designed to be short and practical. You’ll be able to immediately implement the techniques we cover, not having to waste hours and hours on irrelevant and impractical information. I don’t like wasting my time, and I hope you don’t either.

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