Salesforce : A Sales Masterclass: The buying cycle


Salesforce : A Sales Masterclass: The buying cycle, Double your sales.

This course is design in a way that you will be able to understand the buying cycle. No matter what area of sales you are in, every customer goes through a number of doubts and uncertainties when making a buying decision. When people buy, there is a lot of emotion that are taking place: fear, anxiety, excitement, distrust, apprehensiveness and so on.

The more you understand the various process that are taking place in your buyers head the higher your chances of making a sale.

In this course you will learn and develop skills in the following areas:

– psychology

–  emotional intelligence

–  report building

–  effective listening

–  persistence

– closing the sale

–  body language

– appearance

– attitude

– negotiation

– objection handling and may others

Learn and understand the buying cycle, so that you could be among the top sales people. This will not just give you a financial boost, but it will also help you with your day to day life. When you become good at what you do, your whole determiner will change. You will be positive, full of energy. People would love to be around you.

A career is sales is very rewarding, and if you spend the time and effort to develop your skills you will not regret it.

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