Python Automation for Beginners


Python Automation for Beginners, Learn Automation in Python for Beginners!

Dive into the world of Automation with this Beginner Python Automation Course! A full beginners tutorial on Python’s PyAutoGUI module with 3 awesome projects to get you started! In this course you will learn all about Python’s PyAutoGUI module and get stuck in with 3 fun projects: automated drawing, an automated tiktok liker and an automated dinosaur chrome game! There is also an extra course on automating a spam bot and typing bot too.

The first lecture talks you through downloading and installing Python for those of you that are completely new to the language. Once this is set up, we start with Python’s pyautogui module and learn some of the basics. We then incorporate everything we have learnt into projects. The first project illustrates automated drawing in Paint. We then move onto creating an automated TikTok liker (keeping up with the latest trends!). To illustrate some cool commands in Python we set up an automated Chrome dinosaur jumper. Finally, we move onto 2 awesome projects you can use to have fun with your friends. 1) An automated spam bot. We show you how you can take the entire script of Shrek and spam it to your friend! 2) An automated typing bot – show your friends you can type 500 words per minute!

These videos are brought to you by Ellie Sleightholm, Founder of Code of the Future – an online platform designed to encourage beginners to learn how to code through fun tutorials. I’m here to help teach people how to code through fun, engaging and easy to follow tutorial videos. My main goal is to smoothly transition people into the world of technology without feeling nervous or overwhelmed! Bringing people into the world of technology one step at a time.

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