Mindfulness for Educators


Mindfulness for Educators, For all you give to others, it’s time to give yourself peace.

One of the most giving and thoughtful professions in today’s world today is teaching. However, teachers have been facing unprecedented changes in not just classroom norms but expectations. How are teachers supposed to be two, five, or ten people all at once and what happens when this is no longer sustainable? It is time for educators to push back and regain their personal peace.

Through a series of video + slideshow lectures and journal prompts, we will explore pre and post pandemic stressors for educators, changes over the last decade, and how to combat them. We will develop mindful practices that you can fit into your life and your classroom. We will also discuss what changes you can make now that will help promote positive change within not just your own teaching practice but the entire education profession. And we will explore what mindfulness means to you and how you can find and keep your personal peace.

Being an educator in today’s world is not easy but those who work day in and day out to help nurture young minds deserve not just recognition but also time for rest. Learn how to take a step back, reevaluate the stressors in your school environment, and find the best path for removing them as obstacles to your peace. You deserve it!

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