Learning Prezi Design from Scratch


Learning Prezi Design from Scratch, Design Graphics with Ease.

Prezi Design is an online design application that allows you to create various types of designs and then add in animations to them easily.

In this course, we are going to learn about the various features in the application that can be used to design different contents.

We will start off the course by exploring the interface of the application and see how we can manage pages to start designing contents.

We will also see how we can manage different design files in Prezi Design and arrange Prezi Design files in Folders.

Then we will see how we can work around with different editing tools inside of Prezi Design which allows us to work with text graphics videos and other elements. We will also see how we can change around the attributes of each element that we add in our design and see how we can manage them as well.

After that, we are going to see how we can use the presentation option so that we can present the designs that we make. And we will see the sharing and collaboration options provided to us by the application.

Also, we will be looking at how we can import different file formats such as PPT, DOC and PDF files as Prezi Design files and then edit them.

In the end we will wrap up the course with an example project by using all of the things that we have learned throughout the course.

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