Learn how to make an effective and powerful Resume quickly


Learn how to make an effective and powerful Resume quickly, Learn all the stages needed to make an ideal resume that majority of the recruiters look for at the time of shortlisting.

This course is mainly designed to help new job seekers and already working professionals who struggle either in their initial stage to get a job or, do not know how to get a good Resume that can help them get shortlisted in their dream company for the dream job roles. . All the steps and methods included in the courses are well-proven methods used over 13+ years and have yielded very satisfactory results. Working in ed-tech companies, the instructor has included all the proven methods that 100’s top companies look for in the candidate before they are shortlisted one out all. The cut-throat competition has always been a great challenge for new job seekers and also for the working professionals who are mostly not aware of the methods, stages, and contents needed to make a powerful resume to get shortlisted.

You will learn all these things step by step in a very easy way to get the result in making your resume. Talking about the importance of the JD, things that should be avoided in making your resume, and differences between resume, curriculum vitae, and bio-data have been explained in a very well manner. It will help the candidate to pick the right sort of document for a successful shortlisting as per the available job or, for the job you are applying for.

This course includes free templates that you should use to make your free resume as per the job role you are going for instead of paying again some money. This course lets you make your resume in a very time which might come to an hour or, near around time.

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