Laravel 9 + Filament Beginner Practical Course


Laravel 9 + Filament Beginner Practical Course, Create AMAZING Admin Backend for PHP apps very fast and easy.


In this course, we will tackle a challenge that you will encounter in almost every major PHP project:

How do I get a beautiful and functional backend where I can enter the data for the app?

Using the PHP framework Laravel and the Filament plugin, we will tackle the problem in this course.


Installation of Laravel, Jetstream, and Filament
> With this you basically create an app structure consisting of frontend, user area, and backend.

Creating a filament resource

> With this you can create a table overview of your data and input masks for entering or editing your data in just a few minutes. Of course, we pay attention to optimal usability. The cool thing is, that in this overview page you implement features like sortable columns, searchable columns, filters, and much more, very easily and fast.

> Everything works in real-time with Laravel Livewire (= Ajax)

Management and automatic conversion of images

> With the famous media plugin from the Belgian package maker Spatie, you can manage uploaded files innovatively and bring images into the right format.

Breakdown of HTML templates into layouts and components

> With Laravel’s blade engine, everything remains clear and you can get the data from the database to the frontend exactly where it is needed.

Complicated database queries made easy with Eloquent

> Get data from linked tables (relationshipswithout SQL headaches. Even sub-queries are automatically created by Laravel, and all this is performance-optimized.

Learn basic Laravel features playfully

  • Models
  • Accessors / Mutators
  • Seeders
  • Fakers
  • Soft-Deletes
  • Stubs
  • Blade
  • Configuration settings

Furthermore, you will have learned how to define and use constants in Laravel.

You will learn all this in this course. Application-related and exactly in the places where it is needed.


If there is any concern, ask questions directly to me – your lecturer – or discuss with other course participants.

All programming steps are stored on GitHub.

Memory Sheet PDF File will help you to review what you have learned later and understand the individual steps.

Enjoy the course and see you there!


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