ITIL 4 Foundation Practice Exam 2022


ITIL 4 Foundation Practice Exam 2022, You will experience the question content and question formats that will appear in the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

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  • I have worked on the ITIL 4 Foundation platform for over a decade. I have helped over a hundred-thousand students attain one or multiple ITIL 4 Foundation certifications.


  • I have added a ITIL 4 Foundation Practice Test to the end of this course. It contains 65 questions, and is timed at 40 minutes. You receive Section Level Feedback, just like in the real test. I provide further details and explanations as to why your answers are either correct or incorrect.

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  • All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.
  • Our ITIL 4 Foundation practice exams provide you with realistic test questions and provide you with interactive, question-level feedback.
  • I have some of the highest-rated ITIL 4 Foundation training courses on the Udemy platform and I invite you to visit my instructor profile to learn more about me, the certifications that I hold, and read the reviews. This course is consistently updated to ensure it stays current and up-to-date with the latest release of the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, and also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!
  • The objective of this Test :
    – Get certified in ITIL 4 Foundation
    – Take a general idea on ITIL 4 Foundation
    – Take your career, to a whole new level with an ITIL 4 Foundation Certification
    – You will experience the question content and question formats that will appear in the ITIL 4 Foundation exam
    – Gain a detailed understanding of the content areas of ITIL 4 Foundation exams

What others are saying about my ITIL 4 Foundation : Practice Exams with Simulations course:

  • The questions were tough and it took me about 3 times for each test to reach 100%. Great training resources because the explanations are very useful. (Bakambu, 5 stars)
  • Really good explanations. Great learning tool for passing the test as the exams cover a lot of things! (Cash, 5 stars)
  • This course of practice exams has some good concept reinforcing questions and does a good job of rotating/varying the types of questions asked. Highly recommend if preparing for this Exam. (Sara, 5 stars)
  • These questions are unique and well-conducted to prepare for this Exam with relevant information. I am using multiple resources and this is definitely one to have. (Vladimir, 5 stars)
  • “I used these courses to pass the ITIL 4 Foundation in a span of 2.5 months. I had no IT experience 4 months ago. Now I am a network engineer at a managed service provider with a great salary and solid upward mobility.” – Ryan D.
  • ‘First impressions – Blown away by the quality of the material! Especially the live demonstrations with real components really give one a far superior learning experience compared to ppt slides. I hope this style of teaching becomes the norm.’ -Krishnan K.

Who this course is for:

  • Students preparing for the ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam
  • anyone interested in passing the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification exam

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