Evidence-based writing


Evidence-based writing, Evaluating sources, referencing, citing, paraphrasing and quoting (APA, Harvard etc.)

Do you want to avoid plagiarism? Are you ready to experience higher education and further education? Are you struggling to achieve high grades? Are you hoping to publish academic work? Do you want to master evidence-based writing? Are you an international student that wants to thrive in European and American institutions?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then enrol on this course! This short course is an interactive mix of videos, quizzes and resources to improve your grades and the quality of your academic work. You will learn the key principles of engaging with academic and non-academic sources. Though this course is for beginners, students at intermediary and advanced levels can also refresh and enhance their existing skills. This course is an amalgamation of all the work that Dr Ryan Arthur has been doing students for the past decade. Therefore, these techniques are tried and tested that have consistently improved student grades and the quality of their academic work. The first unit will take you through the various sources of information available to students. These sources will be the ‘building blocks’ of your academic work. The second unit will teach you how to reference and cite sources effectively. The last unit will teach you how to quote and paraphrase sources effectively. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of this course.

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