Certificate in Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing – Accredited

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Certificate in Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing – Accredited, Become Professional Egyptian Energy Healing Practitioner with this Internationally Accredited Certification.

This AIOTH, UK-accredited professional certification on Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing will introduce you to the sacred and powerful practice of healing with the help of ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. You will learn the basic principles of Egyptian energy healing and how to use Sekhem and Seichim techniques to heal yourself and others. The course covers the benefits of Sekhem-Seichim healing and the meanings and uses of symbols such as the Eye of Horus, Ankh, Scarab, Scepter, Djed, Tyet, Shen, The ouroboros, and Lotus. You will also learn about self-healing, healing others, healing a group, and distant healing using step-by-step methods. The course includes an example script of a Sekhem-Seichim healing session for others and tips on setting up an ancient Egyptian healing business. This course is perfect for those interested in Reiki and energy healing, and those who want to learn about the ancient Egyptian tradition of healing.

This concise programme is designed, keeping in mind that you may not have any prior knowledge about it, and you want to learn despite your busy schedule. So we have tried to avoid jargon as much as possible and simplified concepts and terminology for you.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Introduction to Egyptian Energy Healing
  • Basic Principles of Egyptian Energy Healing
  • Sekhem and Seichim
  • Benefits of Sekhem-Seichim
  • Sekhem-Seichim Healing Symbols
  • Sekhem-Seichim Healing Techniques
  • Sekhem-Seichim Self-Healing – Step by Step Method
  • Healing Others – Step by Step Method
  • Healing a Group – Step by Step Method
  • Distant Healing – Step by Step Method
  • Example Script of a Sekhem-Seichim Healing Session for others
  • Setting up Ancient Egyptian Healing Business

This programme is accredited, and this Udemy course is recognized for certification by Virtued Academy International, an autonomous institute, under the Virtued Society, incorporated under the act 21, 1860 of the Government of U.P., India. Validity & Utility of the training is conditionally in conformity with the Constitution of India, and the laws of the land under Article 19 1 G. Virtued Academy International provides continuing education for individuals interested in self-development and students should contact the IAOTH, UK for registration/ accreditation and relevant local authorities for the scope of practice.

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