Hardware for Microcontroller and Electronics

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Hardware for Microcontroller and Electronics, This course will give you everything you need to start playing with Most Common Hardware for Makers Today.

This Commonly used hardware for microcontrollers and Electronics course is intended for those interested in learning New Things about different platforms and devices used by Makers Today.

Welcome to this course. In This Course, We’ll take you by hand and introduce the foremost common devices/concepts and software that are employed by Makers, Engineers, and Microcontroller Geeks Worldwide, to assist you in kick-starter your career in Microcontroller and Electronics World.

You will get to understand new things like Single Board Computer and Single Board MCU and also the difference between them, why we used modules, and what are development boards available nowadays, additionally to Different Platforms available for you to use in your journey.

You will get more knowledge about the various types of commonly used hardware for makers and engineers. We will look at the commonly used hardware that engineers make cars and microcontroller geeks utilize more than others.

Why you should take this course?

  • This course is designed to give you everything you need to start playing with hardware for makers today.
  • You will learn how to set up a circuit just by following a diagram, and then troubleshooting it if something goes wrong.
  • This course is for anyone who wants to get started with making things

Course Benefits:

  • Design and Test Electronics

    Breadboards are one of the most essential tools in designing and testing electronics. They provide a convenient platform to quickly prototype circuits without having to solder components together. Additionally, development boards and modules can be plugged into breadboards to create even more complex designs. Single-board computers can also be used with breadboards to test code before implementing it on a larger scale.

  • Make Invention Easy

    Breadboards, platforms, development boards, modules, and single-board computers make it easy to develop inventions. These tools provide a variety of ways to easily connect hardware and test electronics. They also allow for experimentation and prototyping without the need for soldering.

Things that will be covered in this course.

  • We will talk about the General boards how they work and their internal structure
  • why it’s important to use it

development boards

  • What are the development boards
  • What’s the difference between a Development Board and a single-board computer

Single board computer.

  • We will talk about why they are important.
  • What’s the difference between them and between other electronic and microcontroller boards available?

Then we will cover platforms Arduino and other platforms discussed.

We will take you by hand and tell you why it’s important to use platforms as you work with electronics and microcontrollers.

In the last section, we’ll be discussing the modules if you haven’t heard of modules or if you have heard of them but don’t know how to use them and why it’s really important to use them.

Topics that we will be discussed during the Introduction to Electronic Components Course are listed here in a brief outline.  

  • Breadboards
  • Platforms
  • Development Boards
  • Modules
  • Single Board Computer
  • Single Board MCU

I’m sure that you will enjoy this course and it will add a lot of knowledge to you. ENROLL NOW!

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