Dominate Udemy (unofficial) with Teachinguide


Dominate Udemy (unofficial) with Teachinguide, Course keyword research, competitor research, topic research, get insights on how to rank higher, and sell more courses.

This course will teach you how to use an amazing tool for Udemy instructors named Teachinguide.

This tool has been game-changing for me as an instructor and in the course, I’ll walk you through case studies of how in just minutes I am able to do great keyword research and rank my courses higher and make more sales.

Without a tool like this, it can feel like you are flying blind through the vast space which is Udemy. With this tool, you know exactly where to go and how to shape your strategy.


If you are in the planning phase and researching topics you can teach, this tool will help you understand which niches are too competitive and which are not. This tool can also help you research keywords, and correctly choose your categories and topics.

If you already have a course that’s live on Udemy, you can look up better keywords and plan your future courses for more success. You can also check the advisor tab to see how you can improve your course quality and marketing. This is truly an amazing tool that must be used by all inspiring and veteran instructors.


This tool is a paid tool, but it does offer a free trial.

Invest in your future! Enroll today!

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