Crystal energy-Meditation with crystals


Crystal energy-Meditation with crystals, Basic Course.

Meditation with crystals-Basic Course

This course is designed for those interested in both crystals and meditation. We will propose here how to utilize crystals in different ways of meditation so you can integrate it in your everyday esoteric practice. This course has two parts introduction and basic techniques section. It is intended to introduce you into this practice of crystal Alchemy. If you apple it properly and regularly, you can expect long-term results in a few weeks. These are simple, basic yet one of most effective techniques I have ever tried and now I am passing them to you so you can benefit and expand your consciousness. It is very recommended to people who has doubt in energy work, this way you can try and have subjective experience with it yourself!

If you like it you can check out my other courses here on Udemy, such as: Crystal healing techniques-Advanced toolbox or Crystal healing techniques-Ultimate level. In these courses you will learn way more about crystals and crystal healing.

In this course you are going to learn:

Introduction-What crystals are and different ways they can be used in healing

Meditation-What it is and different kinds of meditation

Different kind of meditation with crystals

Concentration on crystals (different parts of crystals)

Working with light and different colors

Working with numerology sequences and Grabovoi style of crystal meditation

Working with Sacred geometric patterns

Crystals and pray-Increase intention

2 dimensional and 3 dimensional geometry patterns meditation

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