Create Amazing Deepdream Trips with AI


Create Amazing Deepdream Trips with AI, get started with the creative possibilities of AI.

– You wonder how these beautiful deepdream zooms are created ?

> Here is everything you need to know combined in 35minutes.

– You dont need expensive software to get high class results.

– It is a new way of creating animations which were not even possible a year ago.

>> If you want to start exploring the creative possibilities with Ai, here is your way to go. <<

You just need a video-editing programm (Adobe Premiere,…), the main part works with a algorithm (you need a Google Account) and its for free.

I have given my best to provide you a high class course with top audio quality and good examples.

Feel free to give me feedback and ask questions especially if you don’t like something.

The main “programms” i use are for free and i do not know what you expect but i think this technique is easier as i would expect. But needs time. The results are really amazing. We all can thank AI for this possibilities.

Even if you do not want to create a trippy zoom. It’s also shown how to make images look really psychedelic or apply any style to your videos in part 2.

In the parts 3,4 i will mainly explain how to create the trippy AI generated zooms if you just want to check this out.

Check the PDF with all the software 😉

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