Conditional sentences (Complete English course)


Conditional sentences (Complete English course), Learn all conditional sentences like drinking water.

Hi guys welcome to my English course.

If you have issues for learning conditional sentences you entered into appropriate course. In this program I prepared zero,first,second,third and mix conditional for my students but for learning better you need to observe som essential point. If you start course with these points you are going to learn all type of conditional sentences.

  • Points:
  • Write every single word in your notebook.
  • Try to learn not memories
  • Review all the points every day.
  • Make examples by yourself
  • Have separated notebook for your English class.

It was my recommendation for you as an instructor.I created this course and I shared it free because I want all the students have this occasion to improve their education and it is my pleasure to work with you guys so watch this course completely do not skip it because for conditional sentences you need to have focus because if you dont  ,you will be baffled with grammar.

If you don’t know anything about grammar, this course will be really helpful for you but if you know something, it’s going to review all type of conditional again .

Learn step by step don’t hurry up everything will happen promptly.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Teacher Mahdi

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