Communication Skills For Introverts


Communication Skills For Introverts, A practical guide for introverts to succeed at work.

We live in a culture that equates leadership and ambition with extroversion and being present. This can be difficult for introverts, who may excel at work but struggle with office politics, overstimulation from noise, light and people in the workplace often leaves introverts uncomfortable and unable to focus.

Being an introvert especially in the workplace may be a little challenging especially if you are shy and would rather keep your head down, do your work and remain in the shadows. In the work place however being noticed often leads to promotion and recognition so its not uncommon for introverts to struggle and long to fit it and be more noticed in the workplace, but their nature may hold them back.

Well in this course I help tackle this by providing some practical guidance to help you communicate better at work, stand out and engage comfortably at those awkward meetings and social gatherings. There is nothing worse than engaging in ideal chit chat when you would rather be elsewhere.

I use many of the experiences from career spanning over 21 years in the UK to guide you and I’m sure you will find this course very useful.

In this course we’ll be covering

1. Who introverts are?

2. An assessment to see if you’re an introvert

3. Strengths of introverts

4. Communication skills

5. Holding your energy

6. Tips to get ahead at work

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