A Crash Course in Binary Space Partitioning


A Crash Course in Binary Space Partitioning, Learn about 3D space division for game map generation and fast rendering.

Binary Space Partitioning is a technique that’s been around for a while and has been used for a number of purposes, in particular 3D polygon divisions, optimised physics collisions, and world map creation within games. Most notably it was used by John Carmack in the creation of the game engine for Doom.

This course uses Unity 2020.

Learn how to program and work with:

  • space division
  • polygon ordering for fast rendering and occlusion
  • binary trees
  • recursive search algorithms
  • dungeon map creation

What people are saying about Penny’s courses:

  • Dr. Penny is a wonderful person and a true expert. All of her courses I’ve taken have been top notch and in my opinion there is no better teacher out there.
  • Allow me to say how hugely important this is for a person who is interested in certain types of game design. Creating games where you can create AI behaviors that support emergent situations.
  • I honestly love Holistic’s teaching approach and I’ve never learned so much within a few hours about coding effectively with such detailed explanations!

In this short course, you will gain an overview of the algorithm and how it is used to partition 3D space for optimised polygon drawing as well as get your hands dirty using BSPs to create a game environment dungeon map

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