5 Mistakes You Should Never Make When You’re Doing Your PhD


5 Mistakes You Should Never Make When You’re Doing Your PhD, What high performance PhD candidates don’t do.

Have you ever wondered whether you’re doing your PhD right or whether there is one ‘secret’ way to do a PhD? Well, the answer is no, because every PhD candidate has her or his unique circumstance, skillset and learning style.

Some candidates could conduct their research from 9 to 5 during weekdays, while others’ schedule is shaped by their family or work commitment. There is no better or worse situation to take on a PhD. To my surprise, PhD candidates who are mums at the same time complete their research on time or even before the official deadlines.

However, when reflecting on my PhD and my students’ progress, I notice that all PhD researchers should avoid these five ultimate mistakes to complete their PhD on time with joy.

In this course, I’ll share with you these five mistakes that you should never make when you’re doing your PhD.

There are six mini sessions in this course, and each session is about 5 minutes long.

By the end of this 30-minute course, you’ll learn these five mistakes, and more importantly have an action plan to avoid them.

You can Complete Your PhD on time with joy!

All the best for your PhD.

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