20 Study Habits of Top Students : By a University Professor


20 Study Habits of Top Students : By a University Professor, If you want to learn effective study skills and excel in college or at university, take this course.

When it comes to studying in college or at university, some students perform at the top while others struggle. Ironically, this often has nothing to do with intellectual ability, but rather with developing effective organizational and study habits. This course gives you an opportunity to tap into instructor’s years of experience teaching university students and her firsthand experience as a top student in the past. You will discover effective study habits used by top students so you can apply them toward your success in college or at university. After completing this course, you will walk away with a full package of effective strategies and tools that will help you become a top student in your field. The course consists of four sections and 25 video lessons covering the full spectrum of effective habits that you need in order to foster your academic success.

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