2 Way Radio Communications Guide


2 Way Radio Communications Guide, How to speak on a 2 Way Radio.

It is important that the users of a two way radio, have a sound knowledge of communication procedures that are applied in a professional manner. (This is in addition to understanding the radios working parts and components).The 2 Way Radio Communications Guide is a course that has been designed to assist anyone who uses a radio transceiver; (i.e. – is able to transmit and receive messages), for communication purposes. The intended outcome of this course is threefold namely, (a) To be able to transmit a message in the correct manner, (b) To know what procedure to follow when receiving a message  and (c) To be able to monitor the radios operational, or selected frequency/ies during either normal watch, emergencies and standby periods. This study guide course will also equip you with the necessary tools so that you have the confidence you need when using a two way radio for communication purposes. We have also included human factors in this study guide, which both directly, and indirectly affect the outcome of two way radio communications. This free guide is not only aimed at all commercial operations that two way radio communications during the course of their duties, but will also suit recreational users of two way radios.

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